Thursday, April 14, 2011

spreading the youtube love...all over your face

[14] BEDA 2011

Jag älskar dig!  That means I love you in Swedish. I want to learn how to speak Swedish and have been doing so by looking on YouTube...heh

Anyways, on to the next 3 nerdfighters/wizard rockers/youtubers:

As promoused, I'll talk next about LukeConard.  Chair wheeling, auto-tuning, head of Echo Base.  (I don't know what that means...he was just the first guy at Echo Base...I think...nevermind.)  Luke is half of the awesome that is ALL CAPS and a part of the wizard rock gods, The Ministry of Magic.  I actually entered a music video contest they had once here.  Pretty good if I do say so myself.  Anyways, Luke is just a friendly talented guy.  Thumbs up Luke, you are awesome!

Next is communitychannel, she's interesting to say the least.  She does a lot of 'split screen' sort of things where she is having conversations with herself.  She does this very well and very convincingly.  Sometimes I forget she's not a twin. (she's not) She tends to talk about normal things that bother her, and it seems as if in each video she ends up either coming on to herself or the audience.  If I could sum her up in two words they would be: unexpected and entertaining.

Another person who used the 'split screen' technique frequently and well is wheezywaiter. He tends to call the other hims clones.  He talks about news but in a silly explosion filled way.  He's very creative and does a lot from his computer chair.  Yet I love the episodes when he goes outside, or gets coffee. "I love it when the coffee is done."

Now, I realize I've only been listing popular stars on YouTube.  This is intentional.  I did make a video a bit ago where I talked about not just popular YouTubers but also some little known ones.  That video is here. Fun fact: I'm wearing that dress right now =P  Anyways, my friend Josie posed a similar video today, called Pay it Forward and she 'tagged' me in it! (Thanks Josie!!)  I will have to make another video like this later this month or soon, and this time I'll talk about the non-partnered, lesser known yet just as awesome, YouTubers.  So look for that soon.  I'll see ya all tomorrow with 3 more of the big guys.

Later days!

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