Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Tubers!

[13] BEDA 2011

Hey guys, for todays blog, I'm going to give you another 3 YouTubers that I adore.  Here we go:

Ok, lets talk about iJustine.  Now I know iJ is super popular and even if you don't watch YouTube regularly you've probably seen her sometime.  Her videos are comprised of music video song spoofs, ask iJ videos, and Vlog University videos.  She was one of the first to realized the job potential of posting videos on YouTube and it is her main (if not only) job.  By the size of her new apartment, I know she's making more money than me.  She also has so many secondary channels with long random videos that get more views in their first hour than all my videos combined get...ever.  She truly is something to aspire to for anyone wanting to make YouTube videos for a carrier, even when she does tend to get annoying after her 5th video of the day...

The next person is Catrific.  I'm not sure why I like her so much, her videos are very basic and vanilla and even flat out boring t times.  She works at DailyBooth and mostly just vlogs about that or really basic normal things.  She's friends with a few other popular female vlogers I'm into so that's how I found her.  I still watch her though, it might because she's kind, cute, and in that circle.

Finally, for today, I'll mention Alex Carpenter.  I found out about him when I was showing my friends Andrea and Andy an ALL CAPS music video.  Andy said he knew those guys and their friends who also had a band and then showed me The Remus Lupins which is Alex's wizard rock band.  (Andy went to high school with Alex)  That's when I got into wizard rock.  Through Alex's music I found other wizard rock band and found out Kristina Horner and Luke Conard (I'll talk about him tomorrow) were in different wizard rock bands of their own.  The cool thing about Alex is he does solo stuff and writes songs about other nerdy things as well.  He is sort of blurring the line for me when it comes to 'YouTube Stars' and real people.  Good job, Alex, for being a real person! (you know what I mean...)

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