Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Getting back into it

[26] BEDA 2011

I've been reading over a few of my favorite bloggers BEDA and other blogging challenges posts and have come to the (obvious) realization that mine lately have been more than lacking.  There is a perfectly reasonable reason for this and if I explained it to you you'd understand, but I'm not going to so there for I remain guilty of lame blog posts.  I'm not even sure if I deserve to say that I participated in BEDA this year, most of my posts have been short or just a photo (Just cause Hayley G. Hoover did it once does not mean I get to do it every other post...)  I just seemed to have forgotten how therapeutic writing can be in times of stress.  It really helps.  Just, not always... hence the lame five sentence blips.  Well, there are only five more days of BEDA so I think I am going to end that starting now.  I attempted to stop that yesterday by posting a passive aggressive post about my life and it cause a friend to worry about me.  Sorry about that, that was high school Jenny creeping out.  (Back in my LiveJournal days I was quite the typical emo teenage girl.)  Even though I'm not going to write about all the gory details of my current life struggle, I do promius to let you 'all' know when things are back on track.  SO you can stop worrying (...Andrea*)

Anyways, if I can force myself to look on the bright side (I should really try and think like Rosie from my favorite old school Nick show, Space Cases**)  then I can see that there are some things to get excited about right now.  The first being that, as I type this, we are at number 10 in the Check Your Focus contest!!  Help keep us there (or get us higher) by voting every day here: http://checkyourfocus.com/vote?entry=47

In other good news I am currently planning a Euro-Trip.  I have traveled a bit over the years but I've never been to Europe without my parents, so I'm excited, scared, overwhelmed with the idea I might (will) be doing this. Who's coming with me is still up in the air but the countries I'll visit are set in stone (unless I add some).  Right now I'm looking at plane tickets, they are very pricey but worth it.  We'll see what happens...

Oh and if you want some free goodies, there is currently no one in the 'YouTube video comment' section of my Social Media Contest.  Seriously, break out those web cams, film a short video  and add it as a video response to that one and you have a good chance of winning something.

Also, because I love the formating of this blog and this one.  I need to find something else to count besides my slowly (very) rising YouTube subscribers.  Any ideas?

* My #1 stalker
** Yes, Catalina is the younJewel Staite, playing a space ship's engineer yet again.

Subscribers: 115

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