Monday, April 25, 2011

Reasonable Breakdown

[25] BEDA 2011

Back to real blogging everyone, no photo cop-outs
By everyone I mean the 2 of you who maybe read this little little secret blog of mine.
This month has been filled with such highs and lows I feel as if I should be at neutral, zero, everything evened out.
If that were the case then life would be boring but easy.
It is neither of these things.
So I am instead forced upon this (excuse the over used metaphor) emotional roller-coater of 'everything is awesome!, everything is falling apart, life is looking up, nothing is going right.
I am physically experiencing signs of great stress that I have not felt since I did my senior thesis.
It was supposed to be over in a month and I have no idea if it will now.
Why must my life be so full of nonsense?
I try and focus on the good and ignore the bad but when you are 25 years old you simply can't ignore the have to deal with it.
Like an adult.
I was right when I was a child, being an adult did not sound like fun.
My favorite clothing store has the right idea...
I want to scream.
Yet what will I do?  I will go forward, do what I can, be responsible and reasonable, and try not to get too depressed.

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