Monday, April 4, 2011

At least my headache's gone...nope, there it is

[4] BEDA, 2011

So I launched my Social Media contest today.  I left this site out mainly because it's more of a side project, writing, personal, sort of thing.  I'd like to gain viewers and subscribers and followers on the sites used in the contest...not really this one.  I would not mind if others read this blog, of course, but it's not really a concern like the others are.  I don't often promote this blog and don't really ever plan to.  I can think of one other person who reads it and that's just fine.  I write for myself here anyways.

Today is the first full day of work I've had this month (Fridays tend to be short) and so far it's been fairly normal.  Next month will be a change (not at work but how I get to and from it)  so I won't take April for matter how much I might want to get it over with.  VEDA is helping as well, yet I'm not sure how doing VEDA during the work week is going to go... usually I film videos for JelliclesVlog and TheCreatingCat never on it might get down to the wire with posting at 11pm each night...eeep!

Ugggg, I waited a few hours to see if I could come up with anything more to post here...guess not.

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