Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The People in Your Neighborhood

[12] BEDA 2011

They're the people that you meet as you're walking down the street...well if by street you mean your YouTube subscriptions...
Yes, I know I'm so boring and all I talk about is vlogging here, but I don't care.  It's my blog and if I want to spend the time talking about my favorite vloggers, then French the lama I will.

First I have to start with Tessa Violet aka Meekakitty.  She was the first YouTuber that I found and indirectly introduced me to the world of online vlogging, wizard rock, and nerdfighteria.  She's a formal model, nerdy, awkward awesome person.  she mostly does just vlogs but lately has dived into the world of origional songs and music videos.  She's too cute not to at least check out.

Then there is the world of Kristina Horner...she appears so many places it's hard to pin down just one.  Her main channel is italktosnakes but she was also the Monday girl of fiveawesomegirls and is one half of the awesome nerd band ALLCAPS.  There is also her second channel kristinahorner which is pretty much as awesome as her first.  She sings wizard rock and other nerdy-themed songs and she vlogs.  I don't know, I just really think she's great.

And last for today, I'm going to mention Shawna aka Nanalew.  She is the YouTuber I see myself the most similar to in our style of YouTube videos.  (My non-Cats ones that is)  A lot of her videos are music videos made to other peoples music, short skits, short silly web shows, and general vlogging.  What's interesting is she is an openly religious YouTuber and I am an openly non-Religious YouTuber.  I don't see, however, how that has much do to with how I feel similar to her, just an interesting fact.

That's all I'll write about today.  Perhaps I'll do another 3 YouTubers tomorrow, this was fun.
Later days!

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