Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Parties and Friends

Last night I accidentally locked myself out of my apartment and I could not get a hold of the apartment manager so I had to call my roommate to come save me.  She had to leave her yoga class to do it and I felt like a 'prize idiot.'  I really thought she was pissed but later that night she offered me coffee cake with a big smile on her face.  She's either really nice...or the cake is poisoned, (just kidding).

I debated not talking about 'personal' things or...about people...'behind their backs' (or whatever) on this blog since it is public.  That's so limiting though.  It's not as if I'm going to bash people left and right, but somethings I need to express my true feelings regardless of who reads it.  I doubt the people who have appeared in my blog so far (for better or worse) even know it exists let alone actually read it.  I found out that my boyfriend does not even read this blog.  Not that I'd expect him to, he kind of hates the internet.  (Despite the fact I'm in the process of convincing him to vlog)  In fact, there's only really one person I know for sure reads this or has read at least one post here.  No one has commented though, so I have no idea if I'm speaking to just myself.  So if you are reading this, comment!

The Christmas party at Carolyn and Ben's went without a hitch.  I drove and Jim drank.  The person who shall remained un-named did not show up so the whole event was nothing but fun and friends and lots of photo taking.  (All of which was done by me and my sexy new camera.)  Seeing Tina and Franz was nice, they come as a pair now and that's cute.  I could not help but wonder if one day that will be Jim and I, breezing through town together making our friendship rounds.  It was a calm night because it did not try too hard to be something it wasn't (unlike the last party there).  The next night (last night) we were all going to go see a movie but decided last minute that we were just going to hang out at Ben and Carolyn's again.  Jim brought his uke and we had a fun sing-a-long.  This time I got to drink and downed three small glasses of wine like they were water.  A skill I can hold over Tina's head proudly, hehe.  

Tomorrow I leave for my parents home to spend a lovely five days in the OC for Christmas and I intend to do as little as possible.  Unfortunately only the Friday is paid so I'm losing some money taking the other two days off but it's worth it to be home with my family.

Subscribers: 59
Presents Wrapped : 7
Days till Christmas: 3

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  1. I'm reading your blog now. You just have so many internet things and you don't always advertise. I didn't even know you had a blogspot.


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