Monday, December 6, 2010

The Hits Keep Coming

It's been one scary/intense weekend.
I'm just glad everyone I love is okay and well.
I'm very thankful for those people in my life.

Without getting into details of what actually happened, lets just say it involved a trip to the ER at 5am and a life lesson.  I'm okay, I was not the one who got the ambulance ride.  The person who did is also completely fine, but I don';t think I've ever been that scared for someone in my life.  Again, nothing serous actually happened, but we did not find that out till about three hours later.

This weekend was already getting me stressed out and crying in my car and all other rock-bottom/break-down related emotions.  It's been frustrating/scary/confusing/unproductive
I'm glad it's Monday for once.  

The Holidays are so soon and I'm faced with the odd question: do I take un-paid time off for my family and remain poor...or do I work through most of it and not worry about my finances?
I'll probably take time off, but not too much.  Being in your mid-twenties is not fun, so many problems and feeling like the things you should be entitled to in your life are not guaranteed.  Then you take a step back and realize just how lucky you really are and feel guilty for complaining about the little things that have changed since college.

Soon this blog will have good news, hang in there with me.

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