Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last Day of Work Before Christmas Break!

Start of my day: getting to work at 6am and then (3 hours later) getting compared to Karen Allen by some guy in the break room.  I swear, this is the second time this month alone that has happened (the Karen Allen thing, not the getting to work before the suns up).  Not that I'm complaining, Karen Allen was smoking back in the Indy days (still smoking now I might add).  Its just that it happens ALL THE TIME, hahaha.  I need to start thinking up creative ways to say "Yes, I get that a lot."  I have to give my friend Kurt credit for being the first person to make the comparison, however, freshman year of college.

Today is my last day of work before going home for Christmas!!!! I am so excited.  Last night I took a bath and went to bed at 8pm to wake up at 5am.  I, of course, woke up at 4:30 too excited to sleep in more.  The rain seemed to let up just for me as I shoved way too many things into the trunk of my little Toyota Corolla and drove on a very empty street in the dark to work.  Now, at 9:30, the sun is peeking its way out of the dull gray clouds.  Oh, that was it I guess, now its hidden again.

Oh, so I've been reading all of Hayley G Hoover's blog (some random youtuber I don't actually know IRL) and in one of her posts she made fun of Cats.  It hurt my soul a little.  Hayley G Hoover, the internet goddess with literary skills to boot called the characters from Cats "crazy alien creatures" when describing what Michael Jackson looks like.  You can imagine my horror after reading those words. I could practically hear my boyfriend laughing at me in the back of my head (he HATES Cats...).  It was sad but also kind of gave me some perspective.  Everyone has things they hold dear and get 'rilled up' when someone belittles them or makes fun of them.  I mean...if you told Hayley G Hoover that Harry Potter was dumb and not worthy of it's praise and kind of boring...she'd want to slap a b*tch!  So there you have it.  To each his own.  (That was a bad example because I actually like Harry Potter, but you get the idea).

I changed the name of this blog from "Jenny's Random Thoughts" to "Jenny's Not So Random Thoughts"  'cause really, these thoughts are not random at all.  They are not well thought out pieces of literary gold, but they are specific to me and my life and the way I'm feeling.  They are things caught in the moment and preserved for later reminiscing or use in future writing or whatever.  I realize that no one may ever read it or comment and that's okay because it's for me, but it's public because...why not?

Hours Till I Get to Go Home: 5
Days till Christmas: 2

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