Thursday, December 9, 2010

Distracting Myself

Today I'm feeling pretty okay.  I actually made an effort and put on makeup and a dress.  (though I have jeans on underneath and my Convers...)  This is all despite the fact that last night I impulsively invited a friend over and he inexpiably spoke of things I previously made clear I never wanted to speak of again.  His inability to pick up on social cues left me dangerously close to tears and him droning on.  I doubt he reads this blog, but if he does he's sure to comment.  And to be clear, I'm not mad at him.  It's just a bad month so far and this did not help. Then I went to bed after watching about four episodes of The Office and had a dream about Dwight...not that kind of a dream...I think I was Dwight.  Anyways, tonight I'm going to see Next to Normal with my I dressed nice for work as well.

I'm getting back into the literary side of the Cats fandom again.  I took a break from my RPG and my fan fic due to NaNoWirMo and now have found myself back in the thick of them both.  The RPG is purely for fun, but the fan fic is something I kinda like...a lot...despite the simple fact of it being a fan fic and not an original piece of fiction.  It's a story I wrote at age 14 and am now re-writing it and expanding it.  My writing partner, Julie is still really into the idea as well and once I get the first 'book' done I'll post it online along with illustrations.  That's another thing I've missed.  Art.  I love drawing, and not just Cats characters.  I even got a large set of Prisma colored pencils for my birthday that I've only used once.  I need to break those out again.. That along with my new SLR I have a ton of creative projects I need to get going with.  I think that's what I need.  Distract myself from my life with pretty drawings, pictures, and words.

OH, and I'm re-reading the Harry Potter series...for kicks.

I'm trying to make some more youtube friends, but it's hard since the people who have great channels that upload consistently are too popular to go making friends left and right.  And those who want to be your friend don't make videos.  Just trying to break into one of the cliques I guess... easier said then any media.

I've been reading too much hayleyghoover and so therefore...

Chapters of FF: 6
Subscribers: 58
Days till Christmas: 15

Oh, and I read italktosnakes as well and her rant about Facebook made my day:   "I'm not a zombie, or a werewolf, I dont want you to send me an easter egg or a growing mystery plant or an Edward Cullen, and I REALLY dont want your bumper stickers."

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