Monday, December 13, 2010

Good Times Coming?

OK, first and foremost. Next to Normal is NOT a fun careless musical.  DO NOT see it if you are in a bad/depressed mood to begin with.  It is a downer and kinda creepy.  That being said, it is a very good musical. If I had been in a less bad/stressed mood when we went I probably would have enjoyed it more.  Everyone around me keeps getting more and more upset and I can literally feel their bad moods rubbing of on me.  Last night I felt like crap again.  And I hate that the first four posts of this blog are so winey and down, but this has not been a good month.  The year started off really bad and I think it wants to bookend itself or something.  Maybe that means that come new years things will change for the better, I'm just going to believe that.

I wrote the above on Friday, I don't know why it never got posted.  *sigh* Oh well.  Anyways, this weekend was a LOT better than this last week.  On Saturday Jim and I took his sister to the big Harry Potter downtown, 'Whimsic Alley'  It was kind of perfect.  Then on Sunday I went home and did Christmas-y stuff with my parents.  Not too happy that it's Monday...but soon Monday will be a wonderful day full of vloging and such.  (Saffity called it 'five awesome jellicles'  ahahaha)

This weekend my friends Tina and Franz are visiting from Hawaii and I have missed them so much, so it will be insanely wonderful to get to spend time with them.  The plan is to go to a Red Elvises concert on Saturday and then Carolyn and Ben's Christmas Party on Sunday.  On the downside, an ex-friend might be showing up to that party.  This person hurt me pretty bad so if they show up I will not be able to refrain from starting a, I have that to look forward to.

Currently I am wearing my brand new boots and my brand new NaNoWriMo Winner t-shirt and though I have not showered, I feel awesome!

The Office: Season 5, Episode 8
Fact of the day:  a gonad is a medical term for a sex organ, not originally slang.
Days till Christmas:  11

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