Friday, December 3, 2010

Made up my mind

I know what I'm going to do with this blog.
I've had a multitude of blogs in my years on the internet.  Many livejournal blogs, a xanga, even a blog spot/blogger before...?  I've been told that I really should consolidate my online presence to be successful with online self-promotion.  Well I think this helps to avoid confusion, you also have to be able to connect with everyone on every platform.  So why have I made yet another journal online?  Why is this different from my wordpress or my tumblr or my livejournals...?  It is different because it is a public/random/writing/thing.  Or at least it will be.  My wordpress, I would say is my most professional blog on the internet.  I post projects and videos and such there.  My livejournals are purely for fun and since they have been around since freshman year of high school ('00-'01), I won't bother to link them...they are really just random. My tumblr is even more pointless... seriously.  So I guess this blog will serve as my 'second in command' blog.  It'll be more personal and a bit less 'professional' but I adore anything made by google.  (except for google buzz, what's that all about?)

What I'm trying to say is that I'll just use this blog to write whatever is on my mind, with more words than twitter and less annoying than facebook.  I won't self-promote here as much and write mainly for myself rather then the big world of the internet.  So sit back, enjoy, and feel free to comment, reply, argue, call me out on my dog poo ("Where's the poo, Robyn?"  HIMYM love!) and give me advice.  Oh, and speaking of having too many online...I don't know... outlets(?) I got one of these:, whatever they are.  haha

So yeah, on with the blogging...Today has been a stressful day.  So much has happened that has stressed me out in the last two months and now this month is starting off really really...stressful.  I'm trying all of these new things and some are working out better than the rest.  And, on top of all of this, I'm sick.  I got sick December 1st.  Not good.

There are also a lot of people I miss that I have not been spending nearly enough time with these days.  People like Kristina/Sam/Jen/Carolyn/Sara/Nicole/etc.  Generally, all of the Film Society girls.  I can not believe it's been almost three years since I graduated college.  Aaaaa!  Too much time has passed and yet when I think back to college...I seem to have been so young!  Things seemed so difficult back then, but what would I give to go back...just for a week.  Without the worry of rent, work, hmm...yeah, paying bills and going to/finding work...that's really it.  I'd take homework over not having money any day.

SOMETHING just happened that has not happed since high school.  Someone passed me in the hall and said "smile." Wow, I mean...I used to get that a lot from teachers...cause I was not the most cheerful person back then, (college curred me of that though).  I'd hate to think that I'm turning back into Miss Doom and Gloom again.  =(

 Someone cheer me up!  Or at least make me better, being sick sucks...

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