Monday, August 1, 2011

The Jemima Project

So it look as if I'm back in the Cats costuming world after, what, 7 years?
I have been planning a Jemima costume for almost a year now, but due to moving more times then I had planned, the project never got started.
So today, August 1st, I am officially starting this costume.
If I can get it done by October then I'll be happy.
Now, a few notes about the project:
>I am creating every part of the costume myself.  No commissioning.  This way I get to experience the process and find out what I'm good at, what I'm great at, and what I should probably commission from other people in the future.
>I am documenting the entire process via video.  I'll post the episodes on my youtube channel here.  Please subscribe, thumbs up, and favorite! It means so much to me!
>This is a "project" so there is the chance I will fail. (aka not getting it done for Halloween or screwing up so badly I wind up losing lots of money)  I will be using theCCDB as my main source of guidance and help, so thank you in advance, CCDB members, for all of your contributions.

The thread with photos and updates will be here:

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