Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In Which I go to My First Ever Wrock Show

I am a relative n00b to the whole YouTube Nerdfighter Wizard Rock...thing.  I feel a little (a lot) late to the game, as I'm a shocking 25 years old with a YouTube channel that is not even a year old.  Luckily for me, this community I am embarking upon is one of the most friendly encouraging communities I've ever come across.  I mean, I'm a big Hanson fan (yes...that Hanson...don't judge) and have been since I was 11.  Well, not to hate on the Hanson fan community, but I've never really felt like I was ever a part of it.  Fans were not the most gracious at concerts and always had the air of 'ownership' about their fandom, as if trying to say they were the 'bigger fan'.  or something.  Now, I've been in this fandom for 14 years and still feel pretty alone in it.  Within minutes of entering Kendal's house in Santa Monica for this small concert, I felt welcomed.  People said things like 'Hey, I saw you on the Facebook Event page." and "Wow, this is your first wizard rock concert?!? I hope you like it!"  These people are awesome, the fans and the musicians alike.  I felt no sense that I was less important for being a n00b and no one crowded the performers (don't get me started about that at Hanson show...uggg)  I mean, sure, Alex Carpenter had his fair share of fan girls, but there was no crying, tugging, or pushing.  They were respectful, excited but not over the top.  I was really happy to see Lauren Fairwether play and The Whomping Willows and Justin-Finch Fletchley were great as well! (I've never listened to either of their music before)  I'd write up a whole concert review but I think I'll just direct you to Eden's review.  She's one of the fans I met there.  We both asked Lauren for a "Hi girls, it's Monday!" for our respective collab channels (lol) it was the epitome of adorable.

Here's me and Lauren:

And here's Eden and Lauren:

Apparently I'm better at focusing a camera than her dad, lol...(j/k her dad was so nice, taking her on Father's day and everything!)

I filmed some of the performances and a surprise performance at the beginning.  If you're a wrock fan, you should watch and if you're not...through caution to the wind and see if you enjoy it.

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