Tuesday, November 8, 2011

True Whovians

I have now watched the first two disks of the very frist season of Doctor Who, the 1963 Doctor Who, and I can say it was at the same time very different and very much the same.  First off it had the feeling of a show even older then its time yet there were elements that have not changed in the entire time it's been on the air.  The first thing I noticed was the music, it was created back then with manual sound editing, recording static, backwards feedback, forwards feedback, and white noise machine (among other tools).  It was the time before synthesizers you see.  It's just amazing to see the magic that was made without the use of ProTools and other digital tools.  Another thing were the daleks, they were made they shape they are so the operator/actor inside could sit down.  And yes, that is a plunger at the end of their arm thingys, it was all they could afford at the time.  The third thing is the tardis, it looks almost the same and sounds just the same.  This I knew yet it was still such a pleasure to see.  The thing that, not so much confuses me as makes me a bit curious, is the fact that there is a character named Susan who calles the Doctor 'Grandfather.'  I'm not sure at this point they had the idea that the Doctor was actually a different species, (Time Lords).  So there are four characters, the Doctor, a young girl named Susan, and two school teachers; Ian and Barbara.  They are accidentally on these misadventures with the Doctor who owns this time machine/space ship.  An interesting fact I learned was that the character Susan named the Tardis.  (Time and Relative Dimension in Space)

I'll keep you all updated with my Doctor Who progress.  For any of you interested on following along with me (and have Netflix) I found a spectacular list on the internet to help you organize it all.  Doctor Who DVDs, chronologically posted by Baff.  I don't know if I'd call myself a 'true whovian' but I do enjoy this show and the progression of the story and I really look forward to filling in all the gaps.

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  1. Susan has been explained... She is The Doctor's granddaughter... The Time Lords are all still alive...


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